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Our core mission is to produce good, clean, REAL food for our community while enriching our soils and improving our environment along the way. We do this by leveraging regenerative farming techniques like managed intensive grazing, cover cropping with diverse forages, and rotating our hens, pigs, and broiler chickens around the farm in a style that compliments every other operation on the farm. And no, we do NOT use pesticides on our farm.
Shirttail Creek Farm
Farming practices

We prioritize the well-being of our animals and land

This means that we aim to mimic nature in all that we do on the farm. Diversity in the species of livestock that graze, root, and peck across the pastures as well as a diverse mix of forages that grow to feed our cattle and build structure in our soils. So what if we have a few 'weeds' here and there? They have a job to do too!

Real People, Real Reviews


Great Rib-eye steak! We have been buying Shirttail Creek’s rib-eyes for at least 3 years. Knowing Sam feeds his cattle, grass-fed and finished, makes a huge difference to us. Shirttail Creek is a huge part of our diet - clean proteins.

Joan L

This beef had so much flavor and grilled up perfectly. The individually wrapped 1 lb portions made storing and using them so easy

Paul S

Love that they are truly free range - bugs, and grass, and a little sass.The meats are great tasting too!

Dan S

I've been getting Shirttail beef at the local farmers market for several years now. This is the most flavorful beef I've ever had.

Fred Z

Possibly the most delicious piece of meat I’ve had!

Erin N

Got the steaks for Christmas presents this year and everyone loved them! The only regret I have is not ordering more.

Matt M
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