We are a Regenerative-Focused Family Farm in Brenham, TX

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Ground Beef

Ground Beef

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100% Grassfed and Finished. Our cattle thrive on a forage based diet just like they have evolved to do. No Grain Ever. Period.

Ribeye - Bone In

Ribeye - Bone In

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One of our most popular cuts, our Bone-In Ribeye has tremendous flavor and juiciness!

1/16 Beef Package

1/16 Beef Package

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Stock your freezer with a great mix of steaks, roasts, and ground beef!

Eat like a Caveman...

The Original Caveman Blend

This is the true original. Our Caveman Blend is made of 20% beef liver and heart and 80% ground beef! We call it the 'gateway' organ meat and it's a lunch staple here on the farm!


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Bugs, grass, lots of sass

Pasture Raised Eggs

Our hens live 365 days per year on our pastures foraging and frolicking like chickens do! We rotate them weekly and supplement them with a free choice, custom milled feed ration that contains NO CORN and NO SOY. SORRY WE CAN'T SHIP EGGS!


Shirttail Bunkhouse

Ever wanted to spend time on a regenerative farm? Now's your chance! Come stay at a 1935 bungalow that sleeps 8 and make unique memories while you're here.

Come Stay on the Farm

Our Farm

We started our farm in 2017 with a desire to get back to a simpler (not easier!) way of life that would allow us to produce something we could hold in our hands and be proud of while raising our kids with a connection to nature and their community. The journey that followed was wilder than we could have imagined….

About Us

Farming in a Healthy Ecosystem

In healthy ecosystems, numerous plant species grow and cycle nutrients together while multiple animal species graze, forage, and live on the same land. This pretty much defines our approach to farming. What’s the alternative? Row crop monocultures and confinement livestock operations that rely on pesticides and antibiotics to overcome the imbalances created by these unnatural practices. No thanks.

If what we’re doing isn’t promoting a healthy ecosystem and enriching our livestock and our land, then we’re not interested! Ultimately its this approach to agriculture that yields the most nutrient dense food…so why sell yourself short! After all your health should be your #1 priority!

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“I've eaten a fair selection of meats from Shirttail Creek Farm and I have to say, THEY OUTSHINE THE HIGH END STORES ANY DAY! I thought we were spoiled here in Austin, but now I'm ruined by SCF. Quality times 10!”

— Neville S., Austin, TX