Pastured Chicken

Cluck Yeah!

Our Pasture Raised Broiler Chickens are grown on pasture and rotated daily. We enjoy watching all of our animals express their natural instincts on pasture and that's no different with our chickens. They love to forage on the pasture looking for bugs and seeds to snack on. We supplement our chickens with a custom milled, Non GMO feed containing corn and soy.
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    Family Owned

    Shirttail Creek Farm is run by Sam and Carolynn Moffett and our small and amazing team! No factory farming over here!

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    100% Grassfed
and Finished Beef

    At Shirttail, we are keen students of the art of raising cattle and produce amazing beef WITHOUT the use of grains or processed feed products.

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    Regenerative Farming

    We run our farm in the image of a healthy ecosystem, where diversity is favored and precious resources are valued.

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