Our Story

In Spring 2017, we sold our house in central Austin and bought Shirttail Creek Farm just outside Brenham, TX (about halfway between Austin and Houston). It would be fair to call this a leap of faith. After a 15 year career in Digital Advertising and chasing the life we thought we wanted we realized we were on a path that wasn’t really checking our boxes and with two wild monkeys on our hands (1 and 3 at the time) we wanted to lay down some roots on a farm where we could raise our kids with a connection to nature and the freedom to run, play, and learn that just isn’t available in the city. And so the journey began.

We put everything into building our farm….fences, mobile chicken coops for our hens, chicken tractors for our broilers, brooders for the baby chicks, working pens for our cattle, purchasing tractors, planters and other equipment that we would need not to mention fixing up our 140 year old farmhouse! Well somehow we’re still married and every day we feel so blessed and humbled to be able to feed the amazing community of people that graciously choose Shirttail Creek Farm for their meat and eggs every week. Thank you!