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1/8 Grassfed Beef Package - Save 6%!

1/8 Grassfed Beef Package - Save 6%!

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The 1/8 Grassfed Beef PACKAGE has a retail value of about $746.80 but is priced at $699!

This bundle consists of 50 lbs of Shirttail's Dry Aged Grassfed beef including:

- 30 lbs Ground Beef

- 10 lbs Roasts (Mix of Chuck Roast, Brisket Roast, Rump Roast, Short Ribs, or Osso Bucco)*

- 10 lbs Premium Steak Cuts (mix of Ribeye, NY Strip, Sirloin, or Tenderloin Filet)*

*Selection will vary based on availability

All of our beef is 100% Grassfed and Finished. We use NO GRAIN EVER! Our cattle thrive on a forage based diet just like they have evolved to do.