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1/4 Beef Package

1/4 Beef Package

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Our Quarter Beef Package is a custom bundle that represents what you would get from a quarter of one of our 100% Grass Fed and Finished calves. Below is a outline of what is inclluded!

Free home delivery available in Houston, Austin, San Antonio,  Brenham, College Station areas is available!

YOU GET 92 LBS OF MEAT (plus bones)

Ground Beef - 48 lbs 

Mix of Chuck Roast, Brisket Roast, and/or Picahna - 15 lbs

Mix of Short Ribs and/or Osso Bucco - 9 lbs

Ribeye Steak (bone in) - 7 lbs

NY Strip Steak (bone in) - 5 lbs

Sirloin Steak (boneless) - 3 lbs

Tenderloin Filet - 2 lbs

Mix of Denver Steak, Flank, and/or Skirt - 2 lbs

Broth Bones - 10 lbs