Whole Pastured Pig Bundle

Whole Pastured Pig Bundle

Whole Pastured Pig Bundle

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The Whole Pastured PIG Bundle includes the following:

25 lbs Ground Pastured Pork

20 lbs Bratwurst Links

20 lbs Pan Sausage (1# packs)

27 lbs Chops (mix of Rib, Loin, Sirloin Chops)

2 Tenderloins

18 lbs Pastured Pork Roasts (Picnic and Boston Butt)

20 lbs Smoked Bacon

2 Slabs Spare Ribs

Total 124 pounds of MEAT!

Our pigs are raised on pasture and rotated among the more heavily wooded parts of our farm where various nut trees grow. Watching them forage on roots, pecans, walnuts, acorns, insects, and express their natural instincts around the farm is a joyous thing. We supplement our pigs with a grain based Non GMO feed ration that contains NO CORN and NO SOY.